Biology Through Virology

We pursue biology through virology by uncovering fundamental aspects of the interplay between viruses and their hosts and use this knowledge to expand our molecular toolbox and enable new innovations.

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We regularly seek curious, driven grad students and postdocs to join our team. Our research focuses on biology through virology, emphasizing four general areas: Biocomputers, Evolution, Tool Building, and Antivirals.

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Identification of SARS-CoV-2 Inhibitors using Lung and Colonic Organoids

Han Y, Duan X, Yang L, Nilsson-Payant BE*, Wang P, Duan F, Tang X, Yaron TM, Zhang T, Uhl S, Bram Y, Richardson C, Zhu J, Zhao Z, Redmond D, Houghton S, Nguyen DT, Xu D, Wang X, Jessurun J, Borczuk A, Huan Y, Johnson JL, Liu Y, Xiang J, Wang H, Cantley LC, tenOever BR, Ho DD, Pan FC, Evans T, Chen HJ, Schwartz RE, Shuibing C
Nature (in press)


Gene experts claim they identified human genes that can protect against Covid-19

November, 2020

Leading virologist at Mount Sinai, Dr. Benjamin tenOever, developed a series of human lung cell models for coronavirus screening to better understand immune responses to the disease and co-authored the study.