COVID-19 Biology: Influence of the Golden Hamster

A model that most accurately recapitulates the in vivo disease state is an essential part of any clinical or research investigator’s repertoire to better understand the pathogenesis and develop potential therapeutics.

Gene experts claim they identified human genes that can protect against Covid-19

Leading virologist at Mount Sinai, Dr. Benjamin tenOever, developed a series of human lung cell models for coronavirus screening to better understand immune responses to the disease and co-authored the study.

How the Coronavirus Hacks the Immune System

At a laboratory in Manhattan, researchers have discovered how SARS-CoV-2 uses our defenses against us.

Hydroxychloroquine Is Toast. Now Say Hi to Its ‘Dirty’ Cousin

Amodiaquine, a related treatment for malaria, can beat back Covid-19 in hamsters. But if this drug, too, gets overhyped, there will be awful consequences.

New Treatment for COVID-19 Shows Promise, but Scientists Urge Caution

New York Times.  A small study of an inhaled form of a commonly available drug, interferon beta, suggests it could reduce the odds of patients becoming severely ill.