Jillian Shapiro

Patent Attorney, Fish & Richardson PC
Graduate Student, 2010-2013


After completing her Ph.D. in Dr. tenOever’s lab, Jill completed her law degree at Fordham University School of Law.  Currently, Jill practices intellectual property law at Fish and Richardson PC.  Jill’s law practice focuses on patent prosecution and client counseling in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  She has experience representing universities, start-ups, and pharmaceutical companies.  Jill was named on the Forbes: 30 Under 30 Science and Healthcare list in 2012.


Drosha as an interferon-independent antiviral factor.

Shapiro, J. S., Schmid, S., Aguado, L. C., Sabin, L. R., Yasunaga, A., Shim, J. V., Sachs, D., Cherry, S. and tenOever, B. R.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 30/04/2014

PMID: 24778219

MicroRNA-based strategy to mitigate the risk of gain-of-function influenza studies.

Langlois, R. A., Albrecht, R. A., Kimble, B., Sutton, T., Shapiro, J. S., Finch, C., Angel, M., Chua, M. A., Gonzalez-Reiche, A. S., Xu, K., Perez, D., Garcia-Sastre, A. and tenOever, B. R.

Nat Biotechnol 13/08/2013

PMID: 23934176

Processing of virus-derived cytoplasmic primary-microRNAs

Shapiro JS

10.1002/wrna.1169 28/05/2013

PMID: 23776147

Degradation of host microRNAs by poxvirus poly(A) polymerase reveals terminal RNA methylation as a protective antiviral mechanism

Backes, S., Shapiro, J. S., Sabin, L. R., Pham, A. M., Reyes, I., Moss, B., Cherry, S. and tenOever, B. R.

Cell Host Microbe 21/08/2012

PMID: 22901540

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