Identification of SARS-CoV-2 Inhibitors using Lung and Colonic Organoids

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Nature (in press)

Identification of Candidate COVID-19 Therapeutics using hPSC-derived Lung Organoids

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PMID: 32511403

Modeling COVID-19 with Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Cells reveals synergistic Effects of anti-inflammatory Macrophages with ACE2 Inhibition against SARS-CoV-2

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Research Square
PMID: 32839764

Human Organ Chip-enabled Pipeline to rapidly repurpose Therapeutics during Viral Pandemics

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SARS-CoV-2 Infection of Ocular Cells from Human Adult Donor Eyes and hESC-Derived Eye Organoids

Makovoz, B., Moeller, R., Zebitz Eriksen, A., tenOever, B. R. and Blenkinsop, T. A.
Cell (In revision)
PMID: 32742243