Lucia Carrau

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Carrau is a Uruguayan virologist with main expertise in emerging viruses and virus evolution. During her PhD she worked in in vitro and in vivo experimental evolution approaches on the picornavirus Coxsackievirus B3 and in the alphavirus chikungunya virus. This work led to the development of a novel live attenuated vaccine against chikungunya virus. For her next project she worked in the emerging arboviruses Mayaro and Usutu virus, considered to have high potential to cause outbreaks in the human population. In 2020 she joined the tenOever lab as a postdoctoral fellow, working mainly on animal models to study the host response and therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2. 


Phylogenetic and genome wide deep sequencing analyses of canine parvovirus reveal co-infection with field variants and emergence of a recombinant strain.

Perez, R; Calleros, L; Marandino, A; Sarute, N; Iraola, G; Grecco, S; Blanc, H; Vignuzzi, M; Isakov, O; Shomron, N; Carrau, L; Hernández, M; Francia, L; Sosa, K; Tomás, G & Panzera, Y

PLoS ONE 02/12/2020

PMID: 25365348

Defective viral genomes from chikungunya virus are broad-spectrum antivirals and prevent virus dissemination in mosquitoes.

Levi, L.I; Rezelj, V.V; Henrion-Lacritik, A; Erazo, D; Boussier, J; Vallet, T; Bernhauerová, V; Suzuki, Y; Carrau, L; Weger-Lucarelli, J; Saleh, M.C; Vignuzzi, M

PLoS pathogens 02/12/2020

PMID: In press

Host nutritional status affects alphavirus virulence, transmission and evolution.

Weger-Lucarelli, J; Carrau, L; Levi, L; Rezelj, V; Vallet, T; Blanc, H; Boussier, J; Megrian, D; Coutermarsh-Ott, S; LeRoith, T & Vignuzzi, M

PLoS pathogens 11/11/2020

PMID: 31710653

Chikungunya virus vaccine candidates with decreased mutational robustness are attenuated in vivo and have compromised transmissibility

Carrau, L; Rezelj, V; Noval, MG; Levi, L; Megrian, D; Blanc, H; Weger-Lucarelli, J; Moratorio, G; Stapleford, K & Vignuzzi, M

Journal of Virology 28/08/2019

PMID: 31270226

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